Bonjour, s'il vous plait pouvez-vous corriger mon exercice c'es pour demain
1 he learned his less so that wanted to become a doctor
2 they worked hard to wanted to be prized
3 she spent her holiday in England for wanted to learn English
4 she went to the USA wanted to complete for her study
5 i got good marks at school wanted so that to be congratulated by my teachers
6 they listened in to the radio in order to wanted to have some information
7 she did a lot of English exercises to wanted to improve her marks
8 they listened in class so that wanted to thank their BEPC exam
9 they organized a reception for wanted to thank their teachers
10 they were attentive in class in order to wanted to understand the lessons

je ne comprend pa ce que tu di
est-ce que tu a les phrases en français?
ok, je vais corriger!


Meilleure réponse !

1.He learnd his lessons because he wanted to become a doctor.

2.They worked hard to receive a prize.

3;She spent her holiday in England to learn english.

4.She went to the USA to complete her studies.

5.I got good marks because i wanted to be appreciated by my teachers.

6.They listened to the radio in order to have some information.

7.She did a lot of english exercises to improve her marks.

8.They listened in the class  (( je comprend pas la phrase))

9.They organized a reception to thank their teachers.

10.They were attentive in class in order to understand the lessons.