•Les fautes que j'ai dinstingué et que j'ai corrigé :
- (Blue, Red , White)
- He has a strong look
- Written on his forhead indicates America
- On his breast, he has a star that means Super Hero
- And puts it in a gard position
- Her suit is kind of a swimsuit
- And has devloped muscles
- That goes up to his neck
- Inspired of real facts
- On the ground or in the air
- He handles the domestic polity

• Voilà j'espère t'avoir aidé :)
Ah et : - Characterized the flag of Great Britain

Captain America is sturdy, his suit(costume) characterizes the American flag (blue, red , and white) and covers his  face like a mask. He has a strong look. The letter A, written on his forehead indicates America. On his chest, is  a star which means super-hero. He holds a shield on his left hand and stands in position of  a guard. Wonder Woman is a medium-sized woman, and she is brave. Her suit(costume) is like a swimsuit and it characterizes the American symbol. She has long hair and a tiara on the head. Captain Britain is tall and well built. He is dressed in a suit(costume) which characterizes the flag of Great Britain which goes up to his neck. They are fictitious characters inspired from the facts of the reality.. They are heroes. Captain America and Wonder Woman appeared during  the war period (in 1941) while Captain Britain appeared in 1976. Wonder Woman and Captain Britain flew while Captain America did not fly. Captain America and Wonder Woman, their main mission  was to impress the enemies of the United States and that was the Nazis. They demonstrated the strength against the enemy, their superpower whether it is on ground or in the air. Their suits(costumes) characterized the United States and both were weapons of war against the Nazis: propaganda characters. They revealed the implication of the men as well as women in the war. Captain Britain is different from others by time(period) and by the handled theme. He handles the domestic policy of Great Britain and that is the laws.