I went to place called (tu choisis)... The location was very nice (tu décris) and the waiters were very friendly too(Tu decris). I ordered (tu decris ce que t'as commander).
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I went to a restaurant called ' The Jaipur'. It's an Indian restaurant. When we say India it means colour and light. Yes, the restaurant was very colourful , red, yellow, orange, and green. There was a big statue of 'Lord Ganesh' in the entrance. He was decorated with a real flower garland. We were very well received by a person wearing a traditional dress. They had lots of traditional dishes in their menu, and i didn't know what to choose. The waiter adviced me to have some samosas for starters, and hyderabad chicken briyani which was a speciality for the day. The briyani is a rice dish which was cooked with hot spicy chicken.I could smell the different spices like cardamon, pepper, garam masala etc... For the desert i had Gualab jamun with ice-cream. It was very delicious. I would recommand everyone to try this reastaurant because it was like being in India.