Meilleure réponse !

Exercice A :

1. The text is about Haloween.

2. The festival is celebrated on October 31st.

3. The tradition is ginving food to the spirits.

4. It was born in Europe in Irland and Scotland.

5. The November 1st is the day when the Celts remember the dead. The October 1st is the day before : Haloween.

6. The November 31st is call th All Saints day

7. The origine o the word Haloween is All Hallow's Eve.

8. Because peoples are scared so they give food.

Exercice B :

1. True : They dressed up like ghosts so the spirits would not arm them.

2. True : They started using pumkins.

3. False : Using pumkins

4. True : Gave the food