Bonjour, Je dois faire une rédaction en Anglais de 200 mot HELP ME !!!
Dans quel mesure est il plus facile pour quelqu'un de jeune de s'adapter à une culture étrangère?
To what extent is it easier for young people to adapt to a foreing culture ?

-Jeune, moins ancré dasn la culture de leur pays donc plus facile d'intègrer une nouvelle culture.
- plus facile de ce faire des amis
- plus facile d'apprendre un nouvelle langues
- Jeune sont plus ouvert d'esprit

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He is easier for somebody of young person to adapt itself has a foreign culture when he is smiling, generous, and opened by spirit. It would be easier to become integrated when he speaks, is engaged in the others and is not shy to the other person of the same age as him . Je t'ai fais un début de 53 mots . Je vais voir si je peux te faire une suite .
Merci beaucoup :) Ça va déjà bien m'aider !!!
derien ya pas de quoi
Meilleure réponse !

When a person is young , it is easy for him or her to adapt to a new place,  because the young are usually curious and adventurous. They are always ready to discover and try new things. Its also a known fact that its easier to learn a new language for a young person than an adult. Even if in the begining the person cannot communicate with the others, the language has never been a barrier, because when they move with the other youngters, listen and play with them they adapt very naturally to the new society. Schools also help the young to adapt more easily to a foreign culture. The person is forced to study in the local language, compelled to talk and move with the others, hence a quick adaptaion.When the adults are hesitant to try new things, the young are always ready to do them , because they are not shy and trying out new things never tires them.  The young are open minded too, so facing a new culture is less bothering to them. So, we can say that the young adapt more easily to a foriegn culture.
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