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1. Say where the extract comes from and what it is about.
The text speaks of nutrition between France and England and tips to stay slim.

2. Identify the three people interviewed.
The three people interviewed are Clémence, the nutritionist Dr Françoise L'Hermite, and the British chef Richard Robe.

3. Explain the de Bodinats' secret for being slim.
Bodinats' said to be thin you have to make plans.

4. Explain Dr L'Hermite's secret for being slim.
Dr L'Hermite's said to be thin you have to sit with family or friends. Eat three times a day. Don't snack. Don't eat in front of the television. Eat slowly and savour the food.

5. Explain Richard Robe's secret for being slim.
Richard Robe's said the secret is to be thin in the portion meals




1) The text is a newspaper article, and it talks about nutition and  eating habits in England and France.

2) correct.

3)The Bodinat's secret of staying thin is to avoid sugar, sweets and fizzy drinks.

4) Put says, instead of said, but the answer is correct.

5) Richard Robe says the secret is all in the portion size. He says eating several times a day but in small portions helps us to stay thin. 

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