Je dois inventer une créature d'Halloween où je dois parler de son physique,son nom,origine,caractéristiques,si je me suis inspiré d'un personnage vrai...Ainsi qu'écrire une histoire sur ce personnage(comme d'ou`il vient)
Merci a l'avance

sa peut être une sorcière (typique Halloween) avec une tête de citoyenne elle habite dans un château hanté avec les fantômes qui on des jambes araignée


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Tu peux inventer un monstre, on m'avait demander un travail un peu pareil voilà mon texte:
The Witch of Oxford
The Witch of Oxford is a scary monster with a head of a cat and a body of a human woman, that is often covered with a black suit.
The Witch is said to live near Oxford, in England, and appears only the night of Halloween.
Others call her "Sukira" or "Cat Girl" .
They say that if you look in the eyes of this creature you become stone.
In the nighr of halloween, she hides near trees and plants, but you rarely see her. She is called "the witch" because she also has powers, like stone freezing, and also killing.

Je pense que ca va,
J'espere d'avoir ete utile. :)
I saw it runing into the forest I was lost at.
I was really scared that I could barely feel my legs.
It was kind of a geant plant, it was runing over the place again and again. Just the tough of beeing seen by it made my eyes full of tears. I was hiding behind o tree hoping I don't get seen by it.
But! As i try to move to a tree next to the one I was hidinh behind, a weird sound came from something I steped at. The sound was so much creepy that A huge scream came out of my mouth.
"The geant plant heard me, it surely heard me! What should I do??" I was really scared and this was the only things I could thing of.
As i turned to the other side to try to run , I run into someone , or rather, something...
It's the geant plant!!
I screamed out loud and try to run away but it got my leg and the weird thing I stepped at.
- Why are you that much scared of me?" She said
It's a female!
- You-You're like an alien to me !! isn't it normal?"
- Oh.. I'm sorry! I didn't want to scare you, I'm Shiemi, I'm not an alien, I'm a Halloween Fairy! I came from Japan to give out the happiness to everyone here! And what you got your leg at was my magical stone!" She said with a huge smile pn her face
- W-wait.. You're from Japan?! A fairy? Are fairies real? Oh my god.. I must be dreaming... I got lost into this huge forest while I was seraching for my bag.. I don't know where I am" I said, beeing finally able to speak normally
- Oh you're lost? I can help you! And yeah, fairies are real! But when You'll get to see you're family again you will forget all of that, we're a secret that shouldn't be told"
- What? no! Please I want to remmember this.. I want to know more about you! I don't want to forget it!!"
- I'm sorry those are the rules.. I was really pleased to meet you, Happy Halloween!"
And as she said this, she spelled out some weird words and then all of my vision got lost, when I woke ip, I was on my bed, As I was this morning.. I can still remember the plant fairy... All of this was a dream that I'll never forget.