Meilleure réponse !
A cute and sweet girl, that´s how Carol is.
A famous singer that I've been always looking at, as she grows up and up in the sky joining the stars.
As i always read in the newspapers, she's amazingly cheerful, lively and sour. She's always helping people in need even tough she doesn't have much.
I've always been carried by her voice, where she puts all of her pure soul to get up with nicely singed melodies.
Even tough she's still a teenager, she've already got a big fan base and many lovers.
I wish I can meet her someday and I will make this dream come true.
Carol, I'm coming for you.

MDRR Ok j'ai pas su comment finir ma description mais bon j'espère que sa te plait :)
hh oui merci bcp :*
je suis en train de m'imaginer dire " Carol i'm coming for u " hhh c vraiment mdr ;)
Hahaha ouiii xDD Mais bon tu peux changer la phrase si tu veux MDR
cela est évident :pp

Carol is a famous teennager. She has become a great singer. That was her dream.She had always been working for it. She used to do all that she could do to achieve her goal. She was always a sweet and kind girl, and she continues to be. She is very senititive, and it reflects in her songs. Being a teenager, her songs talk about the various phases of a teenager life, and she is a sort of a role model for the youngters. The teenagers are crazy about her because they consider her as their friend, or  a sister. She has even impressed the adults by her politeness, and repectful nature when she appears in various shows on television.  She has got  millions of fans all over the world, and yet this popularity has not changed her , and she has become the most loved personnality at the moment. Yes, the world has found a new superstar!

Piiinaise!! [Non non c'est pInaise xD] The fault in our stars! Je viens de voir ta photo , j'adore <3 *^*
hh moi ausii j'en raffole bien que la fin est triste mais il est génial <3333
Grave *^*
si c'etait fb je te metterai un J'aime :p
Haha t'as un compte FB? Passe que je t'ajoute :')