Everyday I get up and I take my things and I go to the school, after tht at I come to home, and I kook to my parents, sometimes I my homework  and when I finish I can make some sport and something that I like, like listening to music, whrite about my day and to finish my day I sleep.
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Everyday I get up at 7:00 , I take a shower then wear my usual clothes. After that I have breakfast with all of my family sitting around talking about the new day that's going to begin.
After walking in a long way , I finally arrive to school. At it, I have different classes : History , Sciences , Math and many other different subjects.
Having fun with friends is also a big part of my day!
After school I go back home with my friend [Nom de ton ami(e)] , He/She lives next to me.
My parents usually aren't at home when i'm back from school, so, I just keep chilling with brother and playing video games.
After my parents are Home I do my homeworks , have dinner then go to Bed.
This is how my peacful days are.