Svp pouver vous me faire mon anglais je ny comprend rien merci baucoup

ok je vais la refaire
merci a toi de maider je suis vraiment null en anglais
voila je les remis c mie normalement
ok, i have read. i will give you the answers!!



1. The ceremony takes place during Thanksgiving every year.

2. The birds are chosen from different farms every year, and the birds hatched in april are selected.

3.The birds are taken to a seperate building and taken care by people who wear  long sleeved dark blue overalls. They are petted and hand fed every day for four months.

4.Two birds are bought to the Washington , but only one bird is brought to the white house.

5.The larger and the most colourful of the two is brought to the white house.

6.At the Rose garden in the white house.

7.The president pets the bird, makes a few jokes, and photos are also taken with the bird.

8.The two birds are sent to a farm in Virginia, where they live till their death.