Dites moi si c'est bien et n'hésitez pas à me corriger mes erreurs svp c'est pour demain
Hello everyone , as you may already know , my name is Victoria Bianchi and I am here today because I am running in the election of class representatives .
I am very familiar with the work of delegate since I was last year. Why choose me? Just because I 'm very motivated and I 'm not afraid of public speaking . I think those are important qualities to successfully assume the role of Associate . I also know I'm missing a lot of qualifications, but after all no one is perfect and it is being delegated I could erase these defects.

If I want to become is already delegated and foremost because I am able to represent the class and also because I 'd like everyone passes the 4th best year possible.
I 'll tell you about my agenda.
I will be at your disposal throughout the year and more before each class council . I am committed not only to represent our class and to mediate meetings but also to defend the class council . This means that if you have any requests , suggestions , comments or criticisms , I will undertake to provide management and teachers. Sure, I 'll spare you my email address to contact me if needed .
If I am elected I will move first, creating the worry box online . You may leave all your problems related to classroom life I will try also to settle with the utmost discretion . In the worry box you can also put Ideas , Quick Tips , Proposals and even reviews .
Secondly, I would like to create a log for the class that would inform the rest of the school on projects and news about the class, see the college.

Finally , my goal will be to improve the welfare of all students in the class . So everyone can feel at ease.
Thank you for your attention.
I hope you will vote for me! Good luck to all candidates !



Why should you choose me? That I could erase these defects If I want to become Delegate Like everyone