AIDE MOI SVP CE URGENT violet jessop worked on ships from hte age oh 21 she was a stewardess.
she cleaned rooms .brought passeners food she worked about 17 hours a day ,seven days a week sone voyages were six months long.
violet was good at her job ,so she was selected to work on the company's new luxurious ship ;titanic ,for it is first voyage .
violet was in bed when the titanic hit the iceberg at 11.40 p.m on 15 april 1912 .she didn't hurty to the lifeboats because like most people ,she didn't think the titanic would sink .
like the octher 700 survivors ,she spent a cold terrible night in the boat .the experience was very frightening but violet scoded ber job before she was too afraid she decided that she must return to work on a ship.
four years later ,violet was a military nurse on the britannic , a hospital ship for the british army in the first world war .on 21 november 1916 ;it sank between greee and turkey .it probably hit a mine this time ,there many lifeboats and the water wasn't cold but many boats were overturned by the ship's propellers violet went under the water . she thought she would die . but she was finally rescued .
violet jessop was stewardess unitl 1948 , aged 63 and in all that time she never learned to swim !
to survive the sinking of the titanic was lucky . to also survive the sinking ok its sister ship britannic was a miracle

LES questions

A) what sort of ships were the titanic and the britannic ?
B) did the accident of the titanic take place in daytime ( during the day ? dit violet have the same job on the titanic and on the britannic)?
C) what was the cause of the britannic ?
D) why were the passengers of the britannic luckier than the passengers of the titanic ?
give 2 reason ?
E) how many people survived the sinking of the titanic ? what about the britannic ?
F ) which accident took place in the mediterranean sea ?
answer then justify by quoting from the text



Meilleure réponse !

A) The Titanic was a luxurious ship, and the Britanic was a Military ship for the British army.

B)No, the accident of the Titanic took place during the night.(voilet was in bed when the iceberg hit the Titanic at 11.40 p.m) Voilet did all sorts o jobs in the titanic like, bringing food for the passengers, cleaning the rooms etc... while she worked as a military nurse at the Britanic.

C) The Britanic sank because it hit a mine.

D)The passengers of the Britanic were luckier because there was many lifeboats, and the water wasn't cold.

E)There were 700 survivors on the Titanic.

F) The Britanic ship Sank in the mediterranean sea. ( It sank between Greece and Turkey)