Si tu me donne des ragles je peut te repondre

ba par exemple " In the ideal college: People musn't run in the corridors
ou ": People must be polite and respectful with other people
demande moi d'autres si tu veut
Euuuuh, oui stp encore 4 !!! Merci beaucoup

In an ideal college,

Children musn't come late to school. The children must respest the teachers  and the other students. The students mustn't break the school materials. The students can borrow books from the school library. The students can take appointements with the teachers to talk about their difficulties. The students must respect the school hours. The students can't throw thrash wherever they want. The students can participate in the different activities proposed by the school. The students can't leave the school without permission.The students mustn't use mobile phones in the school campus.