Faire 1 phrase avec chaque structures :
- Will + V
- Be going to + V
- I want to + V
- I would like to + V
- I intend to + V
- I hope to + V
- I wish to + V
- I am determined to + V
- I am planning to + V
- I am thinking of + V-ing



Meilleure réponse !
I will go to the cinema tomorrow.
I'm watching tv.
I want to tell you something.
I would like to ask you out.
I intend to travel oneday.
I hope to get back home soon.
I wish to go to NY.
I am determined to do my homework correctly.
I am planning to go to Paris next week.
I am thinking of making my dreams true. 
voilà :)

Merci mais pour I'm watching tv, il faut Be going to
le verbe to be c comme le verbe etre en fr donc il doit se conjuguer ;) et ça devient am ou 'm c bon? :)
sauf qu'il faut mettre going to
ah oui! I'm going to watch tv alors :)