J'aimerais savoir si la traduction est bonne:
The title of the music si no bravery interpreted by James blunt. She was written in two thousand and four. He wrote the song entirely during his military service in the Balkans then he was a soldier for north Atlantic treaty organization . He was deeply inspired by the horrors in Kosovo . He wrote the song on his bed with his shoes . No bravery denounced the protest against the war,but not only does it also denounces human relations And the way to behave about the danger with the war ,the populations has more courage .the music could be put in the Time capsule because it denounced something pertinant. This song is anti-war . Peeple Want to live in peace. Music could make people think about the war And the consequences that war brings to the population

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Bah c'est , la musique
the population have more courage
people et non peeple