Bonsooir , j'ai une sorte d'invention a faire en anglais , pouvez vous m'aidez svpp !!
Sujet : tu es un ingénieur et tu dois crée ton propre robot . Vous devez le presenter , lui donner un nom..
(minimum 10 lignes)

hello my name is .... and i would like introduce my robot who is called ... ( donne lui un nom ). My robot is very intelligent, he CAN clean your house, he also cook, take care of childrens and play with them. Moreover he can go with You to the shopping. despite he is intelligent he can't touch water otherwise he could be destroid.


Hello, the name of my robot is Tom, he's very smart and he can do whatever you ask, he's helpful and nice.
You can ask him to do a cake for you and he will do it as fast as possible.
He doesn't require much energy, because he has the power saver technology.
He can wave and fly. He's very modern.