Bonjour ,

Aidez-moi s'il vous plait à rendre avant le 15 octobre (demain) merci d'avance a tous ceux qui regarderons et qu'y essaieront de m'aider .

Je ne suis pas du tout douée pour l'anglais est malheureusement je dois faire un discours électoral en anglais a rendre pour demain est ce que vous pouvez m'aider s'il vous plait j,ai commencé pouvez vous me dire si c'est bon et me rajouter quelques phrases .

Hello my name is Camille im13 years old . I am in 8 th . I 'm B average , I good at Maths and french . My abilities are talk to aduls wo are problemes I will change the school rules and I will help if I can .Vote for me because I think I would be a good president because I helpful organised polite responsible and I'm a good listener . You find that the schoolbags are too heavy mee too . We can take one book for a group for two people . We want more breaks . I'll speak to the principal for have 30 minutes . Vote funny , Vote for Darny



Meilleure réponse !
Hello ! My name is Camille and I'm 13 years old. I'm good at Maths and French. If I'm selected, I will change the school rules and I will help everybody if I can ! I think I would be a good president because I'm helpful, organised, polite, responsible and I listen to others !
You find the schoolbags too heavy ? Me too and I'll change it ! We'll take a book for two, for example. You think the breaks are too short ? It won't be a problem with me, I'll speak to the principal and we'll have a 30 minutes break every days !
We all know that the food at the canteen is not very good. If you vote for me, I'll engage a professional cook who will cook anything you want like chips, lasagnas..
The school will no longer be boring with me ! Vote for me, vote funny !
Merci beaucoup tu m'as énormément aidée