reecriver les phrases suivantes en mettant le verbe a la forme qui convient,

I (tidy) my room every Sunday morning.

Her mother (run) a very big clothes shop.

She (stay) at school at the weekend too.

Listen! Your brother (phone) his girlfriend again.

I (get up) every morning at half past seven.

His father (travel) a lot for his job.

Emma is in her room.She (do) her homework.

Jim is with Dad. They (try) to repair the car

I tidy my room very well
His mother runs a great store
She works at the school on weekends too
-----j'ai pas compris pour le frere------
I wake up every morning at 7.30 AM
His father traveled a lot for work
Emma sinon her room . Does her homework
Jim is with daddy . He test the car repair
Mdrr laisse j'aime trop l'anglais donc j'ai fait des phrases entières ! Même si ils on deja repondue


I tidy
Her mother runs
She stays
Your brother is phoning
I get up
His father travels
she is doing
ta oblier le dernier
c'est simple le dernier tu le laisse comme ça
merci beaucoup
I tidy 
her mother runs
she stays
your brothers phones
I get up
his father travels
she does
they try
voili voilou ^^