In my bedroom there is a mirror , there is a picture on my wall , a cupboard , an alarm clock and curtains
Si tu veux avoir plus de point sur ton exo donne moi plus de detaile sur ta chambre
There are books on my desk.
Il y a un tapis sur le sol
There is a carpet on the floor.
In my bedroom there is a mirror, to which I ask every morning that God’s give to help me choose suitable clothing. In the middle of the room there’s one single bed of a teenage.
It also has a large window covered by two flowered beautiful curtains, on each side. A magnificent carpet, Victorian style adorns the floor and a matched one single armchair.
On the wall there’s a poster of my imaginary dog, Vinchy, as I can’t have one real. Just right below the poster and against the wall,
there’s my desk, on which I have placed my books, a pot of pencils and stuff, and guess what an alarm clock as well. Next to my office there's a library with rows of books, notebooks and school supplies