urgent !!!!! anglais Fait un paragraphe sur les membre de la famille caractère etc

ma mère 38ans elle et super cool

mon frère 11ans de mauvais humeur

mon petit petit frère 1ans il ccourt tombe toujours

mon père 41 ans gentil il travaille toujours aime le foot

en anglais voici l'aide en haut :)



My mother is thirty-eight years old, she is very cool and calm. She loves cooking and she does it well. You can talk to her without shame. She never judges anyone before knowing him or her.
My brother is eleven and i don't like him before he is always angry with me. Maybe it's because he is a teenager, i don't know! He doesn't talk too much so I think he is shy.
My youngest brother is one years old. He starts walking since five months and he falls down each time he tries. He is funny and he is smiling a lot when people are around him. He doesn't know how to talk but he know what he wants to do!
My father is fourty-one. He is working a lot and when he doesn't work, he loves playing football with me.