Aidez svp
Complete les phrases suivantes en mettant le verbe a la voix passive au temps voulu.

1.Computers (develop) in the 1950s.
2. I (not allow ) to go home when a teacher is absent.
3.The policeman tried to open the door, but it (lock) from a window.
4,In one of this films,Lee Sheward (set) on fire and (throw) from a window.
5.Wolves can (find) in Northern Canada.
6.Computers (make up) of micro-processors.
7.Robots (use) more often in the future.
8.The presence of a monster im Loch Ness never (prove).



Has been developped
Not allowed
Was locked
Is setted/ thrown
Be found
Are maked up
Will be use
Has been proved