Making. Les autres vont prendre cette forme mais rgarde comment sont ls vrbes.

Meilleure réponse !
He always makes a speech on his birthday.
Oh! The flames are burning my hands
A lot of birds die in winter
She often goes to see her grandparents at the weekend
Are you going to bed already?
Look! A strange man is getting out of dad's car
She wants to come with us.
He watches all the football matches on television
He can't come now. He is doing his homework.
I will stay at home tomorrow.

Is it a girl? Yes, it is.
Has she got long straight blond hair? Yes she has got long straight blond hair.
Is she ugly? No, she isn't.
Has she got blue eyes? No, she hasn't.
Is she tall? Yes, she is.
Has she got 3 sons and 1 daughter? Yes she has.
Can she sing and dance? Yes, she can.
Does she likes politics? No she does not! (ou bien "no, she doesn't)
Was she born in 1974? Yes she was.
Is she in love? Yes, she is.
Is she Victoria B. ? Yes, she is.
Do you like her? Yes, I do .

Bel effort.
merci bcp!!!!!! surtout que je suis NULLL est anglais
merci merci
derien, si tu veux comprendre mes réponses tu peux me poser des questions en MP
quelqu'un peu m'aider en math svp ?? :c