Meilleure réponse !
Richard :-hey ! Hi how are you?
Maurice :-I'm okay.
Richard :-just okay!
Maurice:-oh!could you live me alone !
Richard :-but...why?whats the problem?
Maurice:-nothing...I just...oh nothing live me alone !please!
Richard:-okay but are you sure everything it's okay?
Maurice :-no...oh I mean yes..!
Richard:-Maurice ...
Maurice :-what ?
Richard :-tell me quickly what's the matter ?
Maurice :-oh okay !if you really want to know so listen!
More than 120 clients have complain to me!
Richard :-about what?
Maurice:-about the service of our McDonald's ...
Richard:-service ?why about the service ?
Maurice :-they complain that the service it's too slow...!
Richard:-oh!my god !so that's mean you've lose lots of your clients ...!
Maurice:-yes...I know ...that's why I am upset ...!
Richard :-hey! I have got an idea!
Maurice :-an idea!what kind of idea?
Richard :-we can improve our service ...and makes some changes in our McDonalds ...!so what do you think about this?
Maurice:-it's a really good idea !thank you very much!
Richard:-but ...how will we makes that changes?we haven't got enough money for that!we already lose a big part of our clients !
Maurice:-oh no !i think we can't makes changes in our McDonald's ...
Richard:-I've got an other idea!
Maurice:-what ? I am sure that it's an other flop idea...
Richard:-no it's not !we can ask to my friend Maria to help us and give us some money !
Richard :-oh great !come on let's go!
Richard :-yeah come on!know we can improve out McDonald's service and more than this...!
oui j'ai eu 6,5/10 :) merci encore
c tous ?? mais pk? c'était pas le sujet??
si cetais le sujet mais je c'est pas cette prof elle note sévèrement
moi aussi j'ai été surprise qd même de la note
a bon bref a+