Dsl je pose trop de question mais je suis en 6eme ok bon c quoi. Synonyme de :
Odd - satisfied - bright - flashy - comic
Et opposites of :
Bad - take - antonym - ends - short
Merciiiiiii d'avance ^^

bad = good / ends=starts / short = long / take = je crois que c'est give / antonym = synonyms


Satisfied :     at ease, complacent, content, contented, convinced, easy in one's mind,                         happy, like the cat that swallowed the canary  
odd;           advantage, allowance, edge, lead, superiority  
bright:     beaming, blazing, brilliant, dazzling, effulgent, flashing, gleaming, glistening,                   glittering, glowing, illuminated, intense, lambent, luminous, lustrous,                               radiant, resplendent, scintillating, shimmering, shining, sparkling,                                          twinkling, vivid  
flashy:            brash, cheap, cheap and nasty, flamboyant, flaunting, garish, gaudy,                               glittery, glitzy  
comic :             amusing, comical, droll, facetious, farcical, funny, humorous, jocular,                                   joking, light, rich, waggish, witty  

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