Bonjour j'essaie d'apprendre l'anglais :') et je voudrais savoir si ce texte est correct.... Je vous remercie d'avance :)
My name is Clara. I am fourteen years old. My father's name is Stephen and my mother's name is Carine. I love chatting with my best friends, definitely. People really open with me. For instance, one day, a personn in the bus told me << I'm very sad... I go to the cemetery on my mother's tombstone... But well, I believe, I'm upset, because she betrayed me and my father.>>
I loven't the wicked people. So everyone. I'm sorry, but everyone is, a bit, wicked. I love write. Write a text, a sentence, a poem, a song... I love be on stage and tell my text. I like a fantastics books and, so, write a books. I love the shopping, buy the shooses, and clothes. Today, I am wearing a woolen sweater, a jeans, and a leather jacket.

I love n't the wicked people
I love the shopping, buy the shoes, and clothes.
merci beaucoup :)
c est tres bien continue ainsi
merci c gentil :)


Meilleure réponse !
I definitely love People are really open to me I don t love et pas loven t I love writing I love being on stage and telling my text I like fantastics books Write a book I love go shopping buy shoes.

I love chatting with my best friend, definitely.  . For instance, one day, a person in the bus told me 

this two sentences