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We can see a bad girl
I can't read my book
I can go out
I can't smoking
I can play tennis. Je peux / Je sais jouer au tennis.
You can go to the cinema with your friends. Tu peux aller au cinéma avec tes amis.
You can't go to the cinema with your friends. Tu ne peux pas aller au cinéma avec tes amis.
I can't play tennis. Je ne sais pas jouer au tennis.
I can learn english
I can play football
I can't kill some people
I can sayI can't say in class
voila voila :)
de rien ;) avec plaisir
My mother can't come. You can't be serious. I can't find my watch. I can't stop sneezing. Tom can't play tennis. I can't agree with you. I can't drink any more. I can't stand the cold. My son can't count yet. The news can't be true. Can't you speak English? I can't help doing that. I can't keep doing this. I can't stand this pain.
I can play football.
You can sing.
My sister can read.
We can speak English.
They can write the words.
can't you see