My last vacation, I spent in Paris. I love this city. I visited the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, the Rodin Museum. I walked the streets of Paris, I went shopping. I also went spent a day at Versailles to visit the castle. Unfortunately, that day, it was not nice, it rained in the morning and the afternoon, there was a terrible wind. I was a little disappointed because Icould have spent a little time in the gardens. Fortunately, the next day, the sky was blueand I could enjoy my last day of vacation in France. I went for a coffee on the terrace, I atein a nice restaurant and in the afternoon I wrote postcards to all my friends. 
I hope to return to France soon. But this time, I have to go in for lunch. They say it is fantastic.
c bon?
mercii de ton aide je vais m'en inspirer merci
avec plaisir
During my holidays I went to the Eiffel Tower with my family and friends .
I enjoy it but my parents thinks that it was too warm.
My friends was so exited about the tower because it was too higher .
There were so many tourists so I heard lots of languages it was so funny.
One if my friends was feeling bad so we had to go back home.
But before we enjoyed a nice chocolate ice cream it was very delicious.

Et voila si tu veux que j'en rajout n'hésite pas a le demander...
dans une phrase j'ai mis"one if my friends..."C'est faux ...change le début de cette phrase tu dois mettre "one OF my friends..."