Salut voilà les réponses j'espère que ça va t'aider :)
1°) The article talks about a Manhattan wine store owner, who has been attack by a bear but his phone saved him.
2°) The main character is Terrence Bae, his 35 years old. He was picnicking with his girlfriend during last spring in the woods in Delaware. When the bear attacked him, Terrence was desperate, he didn't know what to do, he took his phone and by accident, he scared the bear who ran away.
3°) - False, Terrence knew that wouldn't work.
-False, he was trying to found a weapon in his pockets but he only has his cellphone.
-False, the bear was afraid of the beeping noise.
-True, the bear ran off, because of the beeping noise.
4°) fatal: deadly
enormous: huge
frightening: scary
arm: pocket
tapped: hit
fait le mort: play dead
déclenchait: triggered
vers: towards
criait: screaming
heureusement: luckily
s'est ennui: ran off

Et voilà j'espère t'avoir aidé :) Je ne garanti pas le sans faute mais je suis plutôt sure de mes réponses.