Si tu sais te présenter tu sais présenter quelqu'un d'autre ! 
Suffit de changer de pronom et la terminaison de ton verbe !
Exemple: My name is Lilou.
             _His name is Paul.
             _I live in Marseilles.
             _He lives in Marseilles.
            _I am 12 years old.
            _He / She is 12 years old.
(son prenom+nom) is (son age), he/she is(tall,average of height,short) and (fat,chubby,slim,fit,skinny) he/she has(blue eyes,green eyes,hazel eyes,brown eyes...), and (couleur+maniere des cheveux, exemple: short black hair/long blond hair...), he/she comes from a(rich,poor,normal) family and is(well,badly) raised,he/she is (generous,greedy). He/she likes (music,sports,reading,drawing,fishing,singing,dancing,studying).