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le consigne c'est le suivant: trouvé un titre pour ce passage et le résumé en anglais .
mercii d'avance
"By offering us this full portrait, Nelson Mandela reminds us
that he has not been a perfect man.

Like all of us, he has his flaws.

But it is precisely those imperfections that should inspire
each and every one of us.

For if we are honest with ourselves, we know that we all
face struggles that are large and small, personal and political- to overcome
fear and doubt ; to keep working when the outcome of our struggle is not
certain ; to forgive others and to challenge ourselves. The story within this
book- and the story told by Mandela’s life-is not one of infallible human
beings and inevitable triumph.

It is the story of a man who was willing to riss khis own
life for what he believed in, and who worked hard to lead the kind of life that
woud make the would make the world a better place."



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TITRE : Nelson Mandela's last lesson
The full portrait of Nelson Mandela tells to everyone that he was a man with imperfections, doubt and who struggle a lot for what he believed in.
This is a good lesson to those who wants to follow his foot steps. Eventhough Mandela was an icon, we have to realize that everything was not that easy for him. So, we should learn from him to face life's hard time and work for our dreams.