Hello ! pouvez vous m'aidez svp c'est un peu urgent est sa sera notée svpconsigne : introduire ce ados américains à votre classe avec la carte d'identification.
Name : Sarah Connor
Age : 13
Date and place of birth : 13 juin 1998 in New York
Adress : 20 berverly Hills , Los Angeles
Brotheur (2) and sisters (0)
Hobbies: swimming and mangas
dislikes : R'NB vegetables
Merci a ceux qui m'aident c'est URGENT car sa sera noter



Her name is Sarah Connor , she is 13 years old .
She lives in Los Angeles 20 Berverly Hills but she was born at New York in 13th june 1998 .
She has two brother and any sisters
She likes swim ang read mangas
She doesn't likes RNB and vegetables