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I don't usually like pudding but the pudding your mother baked was delicious.
Well she's got a special recipe. She adds a peanut butter and peanuts and mixes everything.
Really? Can I ask for the recipie?
My cousin live in a small village. They've got a nice house with a big garden and there's an old castle next to their house. The castle is very beautiful and the tourists like to take photographs there.
merci beaucoup pour le rond avec une bare dedans c'est sûil ne faut pas m'être d'article
Ah d'accord donc c'est "I don't usually like pudding but the pudding your mother baked was delicious.
Well she's got the special. She adds a peanut butter and peanuts and mixes everything.
Really? Can I ask for the recipie?
My cousin live in a small village. They've got a nice house with a big garden and there's an old castle next to their house. The castle is very beautiful and the tourists like to take photographs there."
Well she's got a special recipe*
merci beaucoup
De rien