Bonjour merci de me corriger ce petit texte en anglais si il y a des faute d'orthographe ou compréhension, SANS UTILISER GOOGLE TRADUCTION CAR LES PHRASES NE VEULENT RIEN DIRE ! Merci d'avance!

The scene takes place in
the living room, during the christmas time because we can see a christmas tree,
gifts, a chimney. There are a man lying on the ground, he don't look like
at a thief or a criminal. We can see a woman down a flight with a gun, she look
like suprised, shoked... I think the man is innocent and his wife arrive for
help him, for kill the criminal. We must ask at a private detective to
investigate the murder because we have not evidence.

I think that the man
wanted to go downstairs to open the gifts for Christmas and it's at that moment
that he was shot.

When his wife heard this sound she gets off immediatelly with a
gun for protect herself.

When she saw his husband lying down in the floor she shouted a cry
of surpise.. But She came too late and there was no more

THE gifts , a chimney ...there IS a man lying...his wife arrive for HELPING him , TO kill the criminal. we must ask A private detective...we DON'T have THE evidence...and IN that moment HE was shot...for PROTECTING herself...she saw HER down... she came too late and she DIDN'T SEE ANY CRIMINAL.
j'ai ecris les fautes en gras :)


Pour gifts n'oublie pas le déterminant ! The gifts
Ensuite she looks avec un s
she shouted a cry elle a crié un crie non il faut dire elle a crié
Sinon très bon devoir !