J'ai besoin que vous m'aidiez en Anglais..
Repondre a toute ces questions :
1) Where do you come from ?
2) When were you born ?
3) What time is it ?
4) What is your hobbie ?
5) Which way is the good one ?
6) Who did you invite ?
7)Whose cat is it ?
8)Whose shoes are they ?
9)Why did you do that ?
10) What are you standing two weeks in England for ?
11) How do you go to school ?
12) How are you ?
13) How much money have you got ?
14) How money books did you read ?
15) What is your sister like ?
16) What are your roller like ?
17) What is the text about ?






Je ne comprends pas bien ...

On doit répondre à ta place ?


Alors, voilà la manière dont tu dois répondre :


I come from France

I was born in France in 19..

It's 8 o'clock p.m.

I like playing badminton.

This street is the right way !

I invited my cousin.

That's Marie's cats.

These shoes belong to Taylor.

I did that because I wanted to ...

I'm here for my job.

I go to school by bus/I go to school on foot

I've got 15£

 I read a lot of books.

She looks like easy-going.

They are red.

The text is about two people who meet eacht other.


Voilà :)


En espérant avoir pu t'aider ;)