SVP AIDE !!!!! commentez les citations suivantes en anglais et expliquez donnez votre avis; In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contacted (=deformed) bent in weind (=strange) ways and they're still beautiful.

un avis en français c'est suffisant?


Nature is everywhere, and everywhere is nature. There are so many forms of nature, a wood, a jungle. You can have them in different forms. Everthing suits so perfect together. Even if somehow, some trees look really weird. But however, they still look pretty. Climate change can be a cause of these bizar creatures, sometimes they look really ugly but they aren't rejected by the rest of nature, and that's why it is so perfect. There are so many types and forms of them. You can also plant one in your garden and make them have the form you want. But the wild nature stays the best one.