A == 2
B=  8
C = 3
D=  8
E = 6
F= 5
G = 1
H = 7

This school isn' t in the USA but  inUK, north of Tyrieside
 The classes begin at 10 am and finished 3.40 pm, but the school opens from 8am until 5pm
after 3.40 pm, sudents may partipate to sports activities or work on their own (independantly).
Profesor Foster, a neuro scientist, establised that students are programmed to wake up later 
and work better in the afternoon; The head teacher, Dr Kelly took advice with professor Foster and the change was decided with the parents, the students and the teachers

fallait-ilrépondre aux quesions du doc 2 aussi?

I -
A = C
B = E
C = D
D = B
E = A

II - 
a) Le premier sont les horaires normaux des cours, et le deuxième c'est pour les élèves qui veulent faire du sport et prendre des classes supplémentaires. 
b) Le Pr. Foster, a constaté que plus les élèves se réveilleront, plus bien ils travailleront le midi.
c) " The school also has a new building designed like a football stadium. "
d) L'expérience est positive : les longues absences ont diminué de 27% et les résultats sont bons.

a = 2 
b = 8
c = 3
d = 6
e = 4
f = 5
g = 1
h = 7

a) No, the experiment take place in UK.
b) The classes start at 10am and finish at 3:40pm.
c) They can do independant learning, and activities.
d) Because the the Professor Rusell Foster estimes that more the students awake later, more they can study better in the afternoon.
e) No, they change also the buildings.