Je bosse pour préparer mon DS d anglais demain et je m’entraîne sur différents sujets pouvez vous me corriger pour que je sache si je fais beaucoup d 'erreurs. Le thème de la leçon et gap year voici le sujet que j'ai trouvé pour m’entraîner et ce que j'ai écrit:
I am not very sure that i am ready to take a gap year after high school to help people or especially children who need it in southern countries.
I know that taking a gap year it's an important decision because maybe it could chnage my life.That's why I would make a list of drawbacks and advantages of this experience; First I know that my family will miss me and I will miss my family although i could call or write them. My confort will miss me too; I think. However I waste a year of study but although a year off could have some disadvantages there are also advantages. Like permit to increase my skills, broaden my horizons by visiting a new country, living with local people who would allow me to explore and enrich my knowlegde and discover their customs, their culture and tradition. It will be very interesting. It will help me to find a job even if this gap year in which I help children in an ONG it's not my aim. Finally it could change my whole way of seing things so I would be ready to take a gap year.

Merci beaucoup, c est pour demain



Change je pense que c tout allez bonne journée je suis anglophone si tu veut d'autre renseignement bye bye