Svp c'est super important c'est pour demain..

Répondre à sa correspondante voici le la lettre de ta correspondante:

I'm Sylvia from London in England.I'm thirteen years old and I've got a twelve-year-old sister called Nina.She is very nice with me! Nina and I look like each other;we have got long blond hair.

I love going to the cinema with my friendsand playing tennis with my sister.We challenge each other all the time! I am fond of sports.Most of the girls are interested in shopping but I am not.It is very boring for me and I also hate to tidy my room.It is very anoying.

My father is a banker and my mother is a nurse.They work a lot and are very stressed sometimes beacause of their job.

I am also fond of music,and especially pop music.I can listen to it all the day long! My favourite colour is pink and my lucky number is four.I am superstitious sometimes like I don't want to have a black cat!

My favourite subject at school is Sports of course! I am learning French and Italian as well.

What about you?

I would like to have a lot of penfriends from everywhere

Sylvia Row

(inventez cela est imaginaire,et ne pas oublier qu'il faut répondre à la lettre)



Meilleure réponse !
Tout d abord tu dit ceci:

I am (ton prénom)from france.I am (ton age) years old and I've got ( l'age et nom de ta soeur si t'en a )

I love going to cinema with my friends too.But i love shopping  <3.Yes you're right about tidying our room it's very anoying:)

my father works in a restaurant and my mother is a school maths  teacher .

my favorite colour is red and I love english  rap and rock music it's really nice to hear.I heat sport beacause you must run and er...many thing like that so I prefer english or course and art.

I hope you wille understand me and send me a nother letter soon.

love,(ton prénom)
Ca veut dire quoi wille et heat? Sinon merci beaucoup!
désoler c est pas wille c est wil et hate veut dire déteste