Email 1: 

I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the minutes ? I'll write Rina too, to tell her I won't be there. Once again, excuse me for this.

Email 2:

Thanks for your email on January 25th. where you asked for assistance on how to get an online discount. I need to know you a/c number before I can interfere. It would be great if you let me know which browser you're using.

Email 3:

I'm writing with the order number 8916. We collected the order this morning via our website, but you haven't filled in the section about size. Please inform us about your requirements. These products are selling very well, and unfortunately the medium size is temporarily out of stock. But, we're expecting more to arrive soon. Would you like me to email you when they're back in stock ?

(L'exercice n'était pas très clair, j'ai fais mon possible)