Je suis Americenne... je ne parle bien les française...
Well, I'm going to ask something in english language... and if anyone out there who can speak english fluently too, rsvp :-)

How can libraries shape our future? In your own opinion?
S'il vous plait... I need this in my essay competixione...
Merci beaucoup!!!

You can go on the American website, is the name I think.. there are no much people who understand English here :)
Ahh... no it's not an american website. I think it's a philippine website.. I can't understand them either... here I'm 30% sure on the language so... hey! Can't you just answer my question? XD
Aprend le fr


Hey you're lucky i can answer you so in my opinion i think libraries can shape our future because they provide us culture and informations about life !  there are many books that are interesting and they can help you to understand something or discover it our future depand on  new relation new tradition .. .