Bonsoir , j'ai ecris ce texte et j'aimerai savoir où sont mes fautes merci d'avance :)

Stephen Pearl had a different view of younger poeple as Poppy . He is more optimistic about our
generation and tell it to the world in a famus talk show call "The Ellen's
show " . In this interview , he
explain that the new generation is not that bad and that we accomplish big
thing. He believe in our generation and pushes us to protest against what we

Unlike Stephen Pearl, Poppy is very
pessimistic about the youger generation. She is angry against the society
because she don't find a job in realet with her studies while she is graduate.
She reproach the older generation for leaving a world and critic our generation
while is because of us ! She also reproach the youger generation to chucked all
the values out of the windows like Christianity , Collective responsability or

I have the same opinion as Poppy . I think
that youngsters people forget the values. The older generation sometime think that young people didn't work at school
, go to party every week , do illegal things and use an inappropriate language
because of people of my age who show a bad image of us. For exemple , I saw a movie call "Projet x "where
three boys organized a party, they use to use a gross vocabulary , bought et drinking
a lot of alcohol.

In the film
we see a lot of teeneager smoke illegal products, drive without a license ,
driking heavy. A lot of young people follow the example of the movie characters
and imitate them.

More and
more teenagers become like this because they think that this is cool but its
not and society didn't make anythings for deny it.



Meilleure réponse !
She is graduated (participe passé)

voilà, j'espère t'avoir un peu aidé,
bon courage !
merci beaucoup
de rien ! avec plaisir
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