Pourriez-vous m'aider pour la questions
What happened svt c urgent pour demain

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pour qu'elle devoir ?
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jtrouve pa tn devoir
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Meilleure réponse !
 Adrian Mole is a sixteen teenager who run away from his home on his birthday' day.He is in the Manchester Railway Station. He got there by fish lorry but he doesn't seem very happy. He thinks about his parents. He's wondering what they bought as a present for him and he is worried, unhappy. He feels so lonely that he writes to himself a birthday card as if it was his parents writing to him. He looks desesperate because no one has notified his disappearance.  He doesn' feel like spendind another night in the middle of nowhere. The worst is when he calls a police station with a disguised voice to indicate a runaway sixteen years old boy, describing himself, the police laugh at him saying that
April's Fool Day was yesterday.....
And he realizes that nobody is here when you really need some one.

J'espère que ça ira (a runaway guy or girl est quelqu'un en fugue)
good luck

merci ca m'a beaucoup aidé
de rien et merci de m' avoir noré comme meilleur