SOS : À rendre pour demain, je suis nule en Anglais.

Rédiger ce que chacun faisaient pendant que le feu se signalé.

a) The Coopers/play hide-and-seek

b) Gary Jones/ pack is bags

c) Fred and Mary/ have à walk in the forest

d) MR Martyn/smoke his pipe




The coopers were playing hide and seek.
Gary Jones packed his bag.
Frad and Mary had a walk in the foerst.
Mr Martin smoked his pipe. 

Meilleure réponse !

The Coopers were playing hide-and-seek when ...(le feu se signala, prétérit)

Gary Jones was packing his bags when ... (pareil)

Fred and MAry were having a walk in the forest when...

MR Martyn was smoking his pipe when...