J'ai besoin d'aide sur un DM en anglais!
Voici la consigne :

"Introduce yousrelf to the host of your choice"
(name, age, address, family, personality, hobbies and pastimes, reasons for wanting to host a pal, ...)

En bref, il faut faire une présentation, (je laisse libre choix au prénom et à l'identité ect..)
Il faut dire le nom, l'âge, l'adresse, la famille, la personnalité, les hobbie, les past-time ect..

Merci beaucoup,



Exemple :
my name is mirabelle I'm twelve years old
I live in flat 7;32 sycamore avenue

I have got two brothers and one sister we live with our parents without my sister she lives round here
I am a student at st Martin school
I like to Cook and go to swimming
my past time is to read
Meilleure réponse !
Salut je fais de mon mieux:
Hello! I am Mohamed from Niger west Africa,i am 23 yers old,i live in Niamey BF03 with my family,we are 5 membere,my father is a doctor,my mother is a teacher,and my 2 sisters are students,i like football and swiming,my favorite passtimes are shpping and golf,I am a honest man  but sometimes phone number is 0027952864785.
Merci vous etes genial j'attend encore deux trois reponse on sait jamais merci