Eva Longoria :She became famous for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives. She also starred in The Young and the Restless March 2001 to August 2003 the role of Isabella Brana.
Eva Longoria was born March 15, 1975 by Enrique Longoria Jr. and Ella Eva Mireles. Youngest of four daughters, Elizabeth, Emily, Esmeralda and Eva, she grew up on a ranch in Texas.

In 1998 she won the Miss Corpus Christi, which enabled him to obtain a scholarship to study in Los Angeles. Eva graduated from kinesiology.

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Tony Parker was born May 17, 1982 in Brugge, Belgium. His father, also named Tony Parker, is a basketball player American mother, Pamela Firestone, is a Dutch model, became the naturopath on.

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STP :') tu me sauve la vie
Eva Longoria and brown long hair, and she wears a lot of great women's clothing. It often defaces, and has brown, green eyes.
Merci, et tu pourais me faire Tony Parker ?
Tony Parker and tall, plays basketball, and brown hair in short, has brown eyes, the doors Nice body suit his tastes do it 1.88 m and it often nicknamed TP which means Tony Parker. Tony and droitié.
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