What was this film intersting ? no, it wasn't. ou this fiim wasn't interesting.
Was Phil willing to participate? No, he wasn't. Phil was not interesting to participate
 Where Kate and her husband were ? Kate and her husband weren't in NY
Was Steeve excited at the idea. Steeve wasn' excited at the idea
Were you very opened....? We weren'not very opened......
Were Hilary'children very quiet? Hilary' chidren weren't very quiet
Was her book succesfull ? NO, her book wasn't succesfull
were you hapy to see them? No we weren't happy to see them

I wasn't opened to work for him
Bill Blake was born in 1960
Was he scared (afraid) to loose his job
How come he is always late
they were impatient to meet the queen
he was kind enough to help me
The president must make a speech

Whatever, I was right