Pouvez vous m'aider svp?J'ai mis le maximum de points afin d'obtenir un bon travail...
c'est de l'anglais et il s'agit de commenter la phrase en pdf.Je suis en 1ère L.je vous remercie d'avance!

Tu dois écrire combien de lignes ?
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D'acc ça marche, j'y travailles :)


Since money became one of the most important things in the world, people forget what is valuable. We all give to many importance to colored paper. It all became a religion, we all want more and more money. But why do we want it if we don’t need it ? And that’s all about the point. We forget how to appreciate moments, because all we think of is money. And not only the colored paper pieces, but also the newest features. But where will you go with your phone, if you don't have any friends anymore, because you are to busy with your social media. You need to be careful with money, before it becomes your life. Money is not everything, love and friendship is.
Derien :)
la fin n'est pas fini? pourquoi ça se termine par is?
Sisi. "L'argent n'est pas tout, l'amour et l'amitié le sont." (En traduction littéraire)
ahh ok mercii encore.
Avec plaisir :)