-Are you usually free at the weekend or do you have a lot of study?
-Do you think people in your country have enough free time,generally ?(Think about people in different types of jobs.)

Mais je veut des beau reponses
belles* Et réponds moi en Français, comme ça je le traduis et je t'en fait de belles phrases:p
Oui mais quelque fois j'ai beaucoup à apprendre.Et je pense che les gens même si travaillent ils ont un peau de loisire.


I am usually free at the weekend, but sometimes I need to study a lot, because I need to learn my lessons. But when I'm free, I spend time outside with my friends or I play video games. I think that people have enough free time, because even if they work they have a little bit fun doing it. But when it comes to holidays, I think that some people don't have enough, when I see some people they look very exhausted.
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Oui Merci
Derien :)