Imagine les questions que Paul a pu poser à Greg. Lis bien les réponses et sois logique!

paul: ...
Greg: On saturday nights? well, I enjoy going to the pictures.
Paul: ...
Greg: No, not really. I don't like it. It's boring
Paul: ...
Greg: Oh, no! I am not! My friends can always count on me!
Paul: ...
Greg: Er ... with my best friend Dan, I think. Yes, Dan and I have lots in common
Paul: ...
Greg Oh, that's easy. I can't live without music!



Imagine les questions
Where like you go on Saturdays evenings ?
do you like well ?
do yours friends count you
With whom can you make it ?
can you live without music ?
merciiiiii beaucoupp
c'est can you meake c'est ca??
merci merci et merci
oui, c'est can you make it ?
What do you usually do on Saturday nights ?
Don't you like going  for a walk?
Are you going on your own to the pictures?
Who are you usually hanging with?
Cool. But why do you always  have an head phone around your neck