A. liked b. hurried c. Carried d.skipped e. laughed f. stopped g. agreed h.smiled i. Rushed

1. Yes, I did like going to shcool when I was 12
2 Yes, I understand how important it was
3. Yes, she drove me to school
4. Yes, I sometimes took the bus
5. Yes, he taught maths
6. Yes, he was a good teacher
7. Yes he always came to school trips
8. Yes he always brought sweets for the pupil
9. Yes I wore a track suit for the school outgoings
10. Yes, I often caught colds
Le 2eme exos, il faut écrire les phrases COMPLETES donc ne met pas simplement les mots comme t'as envoyé Elenaesma
Ah oui cest vrai pardon je le suis tromper
pas grave :)